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We didn't set out to build a company. Instead to restore relationships, partnerships, and families. That will always bring the greatest joy.


In 2014, two very unlikely and different worlds combined. Elisa, a native Brazilian, who had spent her entire professional career building processes and obtaining double master degrees in project management and business management. Another, Matt, a born Hoosier and Silicon Valley technology manager with over a decade of working alongside many of the household tech brands we know today. 

After a few years of being a licensed Real Estate agent, Elisa's inspiration came to bring technology, Hoosier grit, and streamlined business process expertise to the Indiana market. Today, after years of planning, we have launched our vision to keep the modern agent focused on what brings the most value to their family and clients. Their undivided time.

Through our unique and proved processes and technologies, Hoosier TC works alongside in house coordinators and/or agents to help build capacity and scale, consistent Broker compliance, and free up your precious time.

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