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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HoosierTC ?

We are an independent transaction management company whose purpose is to accelerate your paperwork to the closing table while you sit back and relax. We use todays latest technology and multiple degrees in business and project management to uniquely position extreme value to our customers. All of this comes together under one company that is driven to help you succeed at work and at home.


2. What is a Transaction Coordinator?

The Transaction Coordinator is the person responsible for managing the closing process, interacting with other agents, lenders, title companies, etc, making sure all paperwork is being executed properly and deadlines are met.


3. Why use HoosierTC ?

Our goal is to make the contract-to-close process as smooth as possible for you and your clients. We follow up closely with all parties involved in the transaction, while you go out and close more deals. Further, since we are a simple service, like a utility, you will not have to manage payroll tax, insurance, contractor documents, training or workers comp.

4. How do I explain HoosierTC to my client ?

We know how important your relationships are and that in turn makes them very important to us! We want to preserve and enhance the experience with their trusted agent, you. Therefore we are commonly introduced as a part of your team and only provide assistance in the paperwork part of their transaction. Further, we have a strict non-solicit in place. You can rest assured HoosierTC, nor any of its employees or contractors will ever solicit the customers you entrust to us.


5. What do I need to start ?

Our job is to make your life easier. You only need to send the following: Purchase Agreement, Pre Approval Letter, Seller's Disclosures, Tax Records, MLS sheet, and Buyer and/or Seller contact information. We will take it from there!

6. What are the office hours ?

We are open Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 


7. Are my files kept confidential ?

We won’t share any information without your permission. We have strict confidentiality rules that our team adheres to.


8. Do you have a cancellation fee ?

We only get paid if the transaction closes. If your deal falls through there are no fees from HoosierTC to you. We are Risk Free!

9. When do I pay HoosierTC ?

We are only paid when you successfully close your transaction via credit card or bank transfer. Invoice is due at Closing.

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