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What if you had 10 more hours per week?

In our research, we have found that Hoosier real estate agents spend an average of 10 hours per file handling paperwork after an offer is accepted. However, most agents believe that they need to be on a team or sell homes year-round, to afford an assistant. Through our flexible on-demand transaction management services, Hoosier TC offers any beginning or seasoned agent scale at work and relaxation while at home.


"...Last Summer I was new to Real Estate and jumping in headfirst! Hoosier TC saved me from drowning! With their help, I was able to focus on my in-person showings and write award-winning offers! All my transactions went smoothly, and I also learned a lot from HOOSIER TC along the way. If you are going to take on high volume sales or are overwhelmed doing your transaction coordination on top of everything else you need these guys in your back pocket!..."


Shawn Massey 

Our Mission

Your Time Matters

Time. It is our life's most precious resource. We each make a choice of action in the hour of every day. To provide, to rest, to build, to gain knowledge, to serve others, or to inspire. Real estate is a career choice that can be the most demanding and rewarding, in an agent's life. Our aim is to help you become the most productive version of yourself at work and most importantly, at home.


At Hoosier TC we are providing the modern real estate agent with balance and compliance through technology and Indiana values.

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